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thank you for all the feedback. appreciate it. some comments

  • the problem with the cone is does not distribute the cooling to other side, and the presence of proximity sensor prevents fitting another fan. Prior to fang design I was considering changing design to use the smaller 20x20, or 30x30 form factor fans for part cooling, but that is sometimes difficult to source. currently, i am also working on variant for the fang, that can use a radial blower, which i think will be my preference - but that must still be tested.

  • do you have a picture of the fang colliding with belt tensioner? what part did you modify to make it fit? i can perhaps update the fang design to include this mod.

  • ito sensor rotation, when screw is not very tight, i also had that issue, and it is very annoying! as breaks the calibration. i am aware of this and was thinking that this part should have 2 screws. the reason i haven't posted update is that adding another screw-post will prevent the part being printed without support, and i attempt to design all parts taking that into consideration. but working on update

  • ito the fang length, height positioning. i can easily make the height adjustment guide longer,that will allow the fang to be lifted more, to accommodate other clone sizes. on your setup, by how much was it too long?