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I printed the non-logo paperclip version using 0.1mm and all other default settings on the Makerbot; I also printed the normal version with the smaller holes, but I cannot break the little tunnel hole covers off as it's far too small and too hard. I tried, but they didn't come out as easily as the one for the paperclip.

Either way - I inserted a paperclip and tried, tried and tried and cannot get it to RCM boot. It's hard to see exactly where the contacts are touching, but I lengthened the paper clip so that it extended further out of the jig - using the jig as a piece to keep the paperclip in place - so there was enough room to look down with a flashlight and it is still too difficult to tell if I am touching pins 1 and 10.

Anyone else have this experience? I have tried bending them a few degrees either direction in the little channel for the paperclip; I have substituted the paperclip for much easier-to-bend jewelry wire; I have extended the paperclip metal out a bit so I could try and control exactly which pins were being touched; I have pried them up a bit out of the channel to make sure they were getting contact and yet nothing.

I printed three total- the paperclip version, no logo small wire version, and the second most popular jig here on Thingiverse and only the first one- the paper clip one - can I actually get all the excess materials out of to actually use, so I am stuck with this at the time being.

Any tips for getting this to make proper contact? I've entered RCM plenty of times by messing around with a paperclip and flashlight to touch the pins, without the jig, but I printed the jig to make this a lot easier but so far I have sunk more time into messing with the jig than I would've just using the clip!

Any suggestions are helpful. Thank you!