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Update: I let my extruder cook at 275 for about 30 minutes and then cleaned the inside out once it was all liquidy and runny on the inside. I then tightened all my screws so that my feeding gear was nice and snug against my filament. I ran 3 print samples of a 1 inch cube, all at 220 C and 0.3 layer height. The first cube had 1.0 extrusion multiplier, then 1.15, then 1.25. As you can see from the picture with 1.0 it had the gaps, with 1.25 there was too much plastic coming out and it left weird ridges on the top layer which made it hard to write on with my sharpie. At 1.15 it seemed to be just right. The gaps were almost completely gone and the top layer was nice and smooth. The only problem is that with the increased extrusion my top layer is thicker than normal so the tip of my extruder slides across it after it finishes the print and leaves a mark from the hot end.