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The New-Style BOM has 16 short plus 4 long screws, so 5 total per piece (4 using T-Slot nuts and 1 longer for the tapped extrusion) but for the life of me I can't find more than 4 screw holes total in each model. Do I really need 16 short screws and T-Slot nuts or is it just 12? If 16, what am I missing?

Thanks for an awesome Thing; it's all printed, and I have the hardware and even got a tap/die set, and I can't wait to assemble it.

Oh another question while I'm at it: should the lower front corner pieces really be printed standing up like the model has them? Seems like they should be lying down on their sides like the upper pieces so the layer adhesion isn't getting pulled. Or maybe I misunderstand the forces and they only experience vertical compression.