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Whelp! After about 100 hours, it's finally done. I had to slice the walls due to my printers limited size (and I do suck at slicing, so I had to print it twice).

Then I had to wait for the right glue to actually work. The first I got was crap, did not glue it properly. Thanks to a blogger, I found two good ones, even one that fills gaps - win!

Meanwhile the screws and plates arrived much earlier and - upon using them later - are perfect to fit everything together. :)
Same goes for the US letter size paper which I ordered via Amazon, since I'm also EU based.

Since I love printing (it almost never pauses), I had to paint the structure and improve it a bit for visual appealing. Since I've began to get props for our games and paint them ... and add more stuff to it, the wall needed to have those, too. I did not want to do it too much, though. Just a bit here and there.

Lastly, I did not like the given wall image, so I printed the ones seen on the image. It's not a perfect fit and should I get a larger printer, I will do this again and print them full page to get rid of the white.

But aside from the minimal "glitches", like minor warping (bottom) or the white on the printed walls (did not want to print and cut more paper), it's AWESOME!

I believe I used 20 or 25% infill just for more stability.

Thanks so much for this great design!


P.S.: I'm going to add the whiteboard wall later, waiting on delivery. Pen holder we do not need, but I may print the standing one :)