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Not every build is the same. Due to tolerances, some people have more room. Also, you may want to make sure that the bracket over the motor is pushed all the way down and the Z motor is bottomed out completely against the frame and that your gantry is level. Besides that, some people like myself have custom motor brackets, so we have a few more millimeters that we can go down.

I will definitely modify the holes for the solder points. Mine are squarely in the middle of the holes, but there's no harm in widening the hole a bit to account for variances.

The motor bracket that I'm talking about is the one circled red in the attached photo. Try loosening the bolts then push it all the way down (hard), then retighten. Before you do this, put the gantry as low as you can and still have room to work, to make sure it says aligned.

Thank you for the feedback.