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I'm still tinkering with this. However, the software developer side of me thinks it could be done better in the software without so much thought behind the user. If a bunch of neighboring dots cause the laser to "hover" in that area longer... adjusting intensity for grayscale, the longer time will cause it to be darker. But a move over a larger area even at high intensity will not be as dark because of the fast move. I think the algorithm should maybe be a little smarter. If only doing a dot or a couple dots in a small area.... maybe set the speed high depending on the intensity. Then for the fully dark areas that are covering a large area.... like 6mm in a row without a change in intensity.... maybe slow them down. Feedrate being "maximum" feedrate / speed. But the software could figure out if it's moving from the previous spot for 6mm, but the area is the darkest / max intensity, it could set the F speed of the gcode slower. Compensate for the fact that it's not hovering over dots like it does at gray.

My issue is just that. I have the feedrate set at 100. Very very slow. But the gray around the pants is burning just as intense as the pants themselves. I feel we could accomplish it better with adjusting both the intensity and the speed. If you know what I mean?