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Printed twice. Both times failed. The first time I came back to an almost completed print and some spaghetti. The second time, I cleaned the bed, added a bigger skirt, and kept an eye on it. It failed at 70 percent, and what caused it was the threaded bolt became loose and started wobbling around. The surface area of the bolt on the bed, combined with a very well designed threading system might be the problem. I have an Original Prusa i3 MK2S. The heated bed was at 55 degrees, first layer height was 2mm, and remaining layers were at 3mm. Hatchbox filament. (The non-bolt part of this design was stuck to the bed very well, it was just the bold over 5 hours of printing finally wobbled loose, and as it spun ever so slightly, if finally caught the nozzle and ruined the print.) Maybe I will try printing the non-updated version to see if I have better results.