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I recommend you take your time building the printer. make sure it's nice and square and true... then build it factory... let that tell you what parts of your upgrades you will actually need... I recommend going through the tech article over on and you might like the fact that I did up an article there on flashing the factory control board of the X5S with only the USB cable... use that firmware as the base for your edit... now that firmware is setup for the standard X5S so you will have to change the X and Y max travel and bed size the rest should be good.

Looking at your list... might want to add true idler pulleys and fiber reinforced gt2 belt.

If your not going to use the factory hotend no need to rebuild it but I have used it up to 150mms no problems. I have not seen a reason to swap over to a volcano hotend but I do have an E3D on most of my printers for ease of getting parts.