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That would be awesome! I don't have any professional CAD sw though, can you export to FreeCAD or other Free software, I've mostly been using OpenScad for my projects?
I got my 1st printer back in March, an Anet A6, and have upgraded most of it except the acrylic frame. I recently got a new 2018 (Gold) Tevo Tornado for my main printer, so I can re-factor my A6 parts into a new printer. I've seen several different upgrade paths for the A6, for example (AM6) using a new frame made from aluminum extrusion so that it looks like a small CR-10, but that would be too expensive, I would rather use the money for a Delta design. I really like your Cartesian design, It looks like it will be very stable and solid, and I can use the A6 linear rods and drive screws, motors, heat-bed, electronics etc. to build a new DAEMON A6.