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Very nice design Dronn. To be honest I was doubting my printer could pull it off in ABS without supports, but your design has just the right geometry to make seemingly impossible overhangs and bridges just work like magic. Excellent work!

I also wanted to mention your cyclone design performs great at filtering. I vacuumed up a about a gallons worth of dog hair and fine dust in my garage, and all of it ended up in the 5gallon bucket not the shopvac canister! I had such faith in the performance after looking at the model, that I went ahead and designed some accessories for it before I even finished printing it, LOL. I uploaded the accessories (2.5" hose adapters, and a mounting flange) as remixes of your filter, to compliment your design (and help generate more traffic for you ;) )...

Update, the printed accessories fit great. I have used it extensively with a variety of debris (fine dust, hair, leaves, construction debris...) and the thing has not clogged or had any other signs of problems. I highly recommend this thing!

Thanks for the wonderful design,