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I have that transmitter. I had problems with it at first.
Only plug in the wires to the bind pins it should blink rapidly when its setup right and ready to bind.
You might have to try multiple times.
Hold the bind button on the back of the transmitter and turn it on. The light on the RX should stay solid if bound.
I'm not home atm to re bind mine to make sure. But I have 2 RX bound to my TX and both were a pain to bind.

Personally I would reccomend new people get the FS-i6 its the same price and has updated RF tech. I have a f3 flight controller and have to use a pwm to ppm encoder just to fly. Whereas the FS-i6 can switch between the 2 output modes.

Also Join the uavfutures discord group always helpful people on there.