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Alright so I have changed my setup a little bit now. I am now using a new FC, I have gone away from the 4 in 1 board completely. I am now using a Mateksys F405-CTR for my FC. I have quadruple checked my wiring and everything is correct, I am trying to make sure my motors are setup by using betaflight to spin them and check they are going the correct way. I am hitting a little issue though as they aren't spinning at all. I am wondering if this is due to them being disarmed and I am wondering how I can arm them without my controller as I can not seem to get it to connect still. I am wondering if I have the wrong settings for it in Betaflight but I can not seem to find what setting would be the correct for my receiver. I am using the flysky FS-R6B receiver with my FS-T6 transmitter.