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Well, depends on your machine and your time. If you don't have problems with long printing time.
My characters are modeled in high poly, as you can see all my models have LOW and HIGH version. The low version have 1.400.000 polys and the High version 4.000.000.
So, if your machine don't have problems with loading High detailed models I recommend the HIGH version.
To retain all the details of the model, I recommend printing at least 70mm of height.
100mm is the best and can print exactly as you can see in the pictures.
I normally print in 0.2 layer height, supports, speed of 60mm/s, Shell Wall count of 3, infill 10~ 20%.
Aprox. 4~6 hours of printing time.

I hope this helped a little~ ;D

Good printings! Cheers!!!