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Those prints look really good actually. I know exactly what the ear issue is, now - your hot end is spending too much time in one small area and the filament is not cooling enough so when it goes to that next layer on the ear its squishing down on a still partially melted lower layer. It happens to me sometimes. Depending on what slicer your using (I use Cura) under cooling you can set minimum layer time - make sure its at least 10 seconds. What will happen is your hot end will move away and let the print cool and stiffin up a little before it goes to the next layer. Also PLA dosent like to be printed 'too' hot - your hot end might be a little high. 200-210c is usually perfect. If you anticipate fine detail in your print (like the tips of the ears) run your hot end slightly cooler - in Cura you have a 'final printing temperature' option which automatically drops the hotend for those fine detail areas - its ok with PLA to let it finish up at 190c.