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Details of my filaments? Well to tell the truth, when I do a model and I need a color I ask my wife to go onto Amazon and find the appropriate color (her choice). For this type of 3D printing I have not found much difference from filament company to filament company. I do like Esun but whatever she chooses I print with. I use mostly ABS but if I need a color and she cannot find in ABS I then use PLA. She also bought a few sample packs that would typically be used for 3D printing pens. Those smaller samples help with an even more variety of colors. I also try to find smaller rolls since I do not need bulk. I bought a bunch of $5 200gm rolls from
but they currently have very little stock

The only color that I really have a hard time with is 'fllesh' color. Flesh is so subjective and I've got a number of rolls of filament that I thought would look good, but once printed I didn't like the color.

Sorry that i could not be more specific. Also, be careful when ordering from the same company. Dye lot's change and there is very little comfort zone in getting the exact same color from the same company. This looks to be changing but slowly.