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I printed the links rotated 45 degrees to the print bed. (rotated so that the attachment holes and bumps are still on axes parallel to the print bed and either the wide or narrow end of each link is raised off the bed) Made for a lot of extra work in removing support structure, but not having any layers parallel to either axis made it much less prone to snapping. Also, when you snap the links together, go slow. You might want to print out an extra link or two in case some snap. I printed out 32 links on my print and only one snapped during assembly.

Printing at a slightly higher printer temp might also help layer adhesion to prevent the snapping. I found that the 45 angle meant I didn't have to mess with this, though.

Also, I found the bed corner cover was extremely problematic and broke no matter what orientation I printed in. I eventually just used a 3D pen to slop on a bunch of melted PLA on the sides of that part to strengthen it. If I have time, I might do a remix of this where some of the parts are beefed up a bit and the x-end top ends in a y-branch to better accommodate the natural path the cables want to take.