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Hey! Here to answer your questions :)

  1. It's self sticking (with adhesive tape) rubber seal for doors/windows, bought in ordinary hardware store for ~2$.
  2. Side guide are used to guide filament into the center of the filament room, before going down to printer area. It may not be needed and filament can be guided directly down, but in case you want to have all 8 filaments in the middle of the printer room, you can use side guides to help guide filament to the center from most distant spools.
  3. Some have to and some don't. Extrusions that I used have hole dimension so you can hard-screw the screw inside and it will "tap" itself. Some has hole too tight for that and you need to hand-tap or machine tap it. I think it's M8, but it may vary if you got some different profiles.

:) Hope I answered all your questions. You can also contact me directly via mail, as I can answer there more frequently.