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Hello again,

I've been looking at the conversion to the pneumatic design and could use some help. I have the parts printed from the head of the twin collective to include the throttle (twist grip) up to, but NOT including the part that has the ring at the top. I stopped there because based on the video and the pneumatic mod, I am using different parts from here. I have printed all the twin collective parts located in your GitHub repository here:


However, I do not see the actual mod files that I need to print to add the pneumatic modification. I thought they were all here:


But it seems that the parts I need are actually not in STL form because they are all here:


I don't have SolidWorks and I appear to not be able to convert any of these files to STL. Can you point me at the the specific pneumatic mod parts? I'd like to get those printed on my farm and order the electronic components to move forward with the implementation. Also, you have, in the video, a multiple throttle quadrant, which is great, but I already have one of the Logitech/Saitek one of these. Is your Collective linked to the throttle quadrant you show or is it completely independent (I am not clear from the documentation and video). I hope it is completely independent as that would make life easier. I can, alternatively also link my collective to one of the 3 levers on my Logitech throttle quadrant like what I saw done by RogerDodgerAviation.com, but that still means having to program in twist throttle controls separately. I also had planned to use a standard joystick as a Cyclic, I presume that is ok as well.

I am sure I am going to have a ton of other questions, so please bear with me.