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Hi! The files for the pneumatic mod are under "Mods" directory:


Pneumatic mod can be applied to both single and twin collective levers (haven't tried it with the twin lever yet, but will be assembling it in a few days). Here's a crude manual (will improve it when I will be building another lever for my friends):


Throttle quadrant is totally independent (as is everything else, any part of the set can be used standalone). The cool thing about it is that you can add as many axes as you want, and it supports secondary axes by default (e.g. reverse, when you move throttle lever past the (programmable) mark, another separate axis begins to increase)

I don't recommend you to use a regular joystick as a cyclic, take a look at a new reinforced cyclic gimbal + b8 stick. I believe it allows for more realistic movements (you can make a floor-mounted lever, or mount the gimbal under the chair Bell-style), also firmware pseudo force trim feature really changes the way you fly helicopters. If you want a spring-loaded cyclic, it's probably the most realistic option (another option is to pretend that force trim is "off" and to fly without springs, and there's a special force trim mode for that as well in firmware). The cool thing about force trim is, it also affects pedals, just like in a real helicopter (so you may want to print pedals as well :D ). Anyway, every controls piece can be assembled in about an evening, so shouldn't be too much of a problem =)

Please feel free to ask questions =)