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Ok, some additional feedback. I'm not much of a designer (aka I'm not a designer) so I don't have the skills yet to remix this. With that being said I have a few suggestions.
1) Change the mounting of the fang to use 4 screws vs the 2 small ones from the original blower. I have a bit of play in the fan housing that could bump it up or down.
2) make the mounting slots a little wider so as to accommodate item 1.
3) Adjust the fang on the right side to shift about 1-2 mm I'm guessing to the right. As I said in an earlier comment it's pretty much resting on the silicon sock, which is probably not good. I tried to jiggle it a little but no luck.

I think if you change the 2 slots to a wider and slightly thicker slot to maybe use a M3 screw it would be more rigid and stable. You could even make it have a screw slot similar to what you have now so you can adjust height a little more easily. If I can figure out Freecad or tinkercad I might try but, my skills are, well, non-existent. :)