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I ran into a huge problem on my first prints with this mount.

My first prints with this mount were very disappointing! My first layer adhesion was completely failing, so I leveled my bed, cleaned my Buildtak, fiddled with temperatures, all to no avail. But then I noticed that the part fan was on at full blast on the first layer!

As it turns out, the firmware on the MSMPv2 automatically turns on the fan if the hot end is above 60 degrees. This is no problem with the stock shroud as it does such a minimal of sending air to the part, but with this much better design, the fan on at full blast wrecks your adhesion.

My solution was tell Cura run the fan on the first layer at a speed of 1%. That's not enough to actually spin the fan, but the firmware sees that the fan is "on" and leaves it alone.

I found most of this solution at this Reddit thread:


Printed in PETG.

Many thanks to lowfat!

(This is reposted from my make to help the next user. If it is not obvious, I have the hotend fan wired to the power supply directly, and the part fan connected to the normal switchable fan control.)

Monoprice Select Mini V2. Dual Fan Mount.