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Love the look.
Really like the dice tower.

Middle of doing the prints.

Caution, the hinge bits on the screen adapters are a little fragile.

I'm not using screws to assemble. Instead I am gluing appropriate diameter dowel in the screen frame upright at the bottom then using anther dowel at the top, decorated as a flagpole.

The dowel drops into the screen adapter's lower screw location and then line up the top end and drop in the flag. Much faster assembly and disassembly then snapping the adapters on/ff (and no load on the fragile bits in storage)

The screen border pieces do fit on an Ender 3. In Cura, to rotate, you have to turn off the snap which forces 15 deg increments of rotation. It just makes it corner to corner.

I think the dice tower's crenelations will also turn out to be a bit fragile.

To cut down on noise, I am lining the inside of the tower with felt. Its a bit of a pain to work it in place, but the difference is worth it.