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Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you !!


ps. make & r remix coming shortly mate :-). Would not be possible without your work here. This is something I have wanted to implement into a core XY design fvor a long time though i don have a core XY.

So, I solved that problem and went off and built one from scratch.

my next move, to implement multi material something to my core XY.

And believe it or not, you actually posted this here like 2 days after i had started my core xy build. all i had planned at that time, now a week or so ago, was to try a multiplecer style design.

And instead, i found your amazing and fantastic design here, while i was searching for a multiplexer i could modify/use and also was trying to find appropriate z-carriages for my build too.

stumbling upon your design here for me, has been just about the coolest thing i have seen in a while. and you immediately inspired me to pursue this and make it work with my core xy!

so now i am actively working on a retrofit/remix the design to be compatible with my core XY, to finally achieve my dream of a self build core XY 3d printer with mutlti extrusion capabilities.

i just have a request. wouuld you be able to provide me with a proper cad / step / obj file so that i can work on this and remix it properly to work with my core xy.

i will of course honor you by posting all my work to yours as a remix for sure. and share my cad files with you as well.

perhaps via email or something if you prefer not to post here.

it would honestly save me more than a few hours having to resketch the design on fusion 360 to work on it.

Please, that would be truly fantastic.