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I have had my Anet A8 for a year now and have just started to install an E3D V6 Hot End and Titan Bowden Extruder (TriangleLabs Copies). I have also purchased with these a BL Touch Sensor.
I have been looking at some upgrade blogs and would like to upgrade the software to MARLIN (I think I need to anyway for the Sensor).

After searching for some info on upgrading to MARLIN I found this video tutorial:
Seemed like an easy task until I started looking into it a bit more and it seems that for people (like me) with v1.5 board, it is a little bit trickier and may need some additional parts?

The link regarding these issues does not seem to provide a clear solution, so my question is this. Can anyone provide me with a decent guide on installing the latest MARLIN on the v1.5 mainboard?

Many thanks