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  1. Sure, now the original dimension will fit all (that I have tested) 1kg filaments. If you need larger diameter (some 2kg spools are only wider, not larger in diameter), you will need a slightly taller filament room, which is very simple to add just by extending vertical beams for 50 or 100mm or some custom dimension. You also need to apply that new dimension for all 4 panels that are around filament room.

  2. Yes, filament guides are still doing their job and after 2000h+ of printing with ABS, PETG, PLA, TPU, NYLON... everything is working OK. Side spools have a bit more friction, but it seems that is not the problem in my case. I also saw guys run PTFE guides from side spools to the middle or having direct filament "fittings" through the panel directly below the spool and even for side spools it seem to work without issues and have even less friction.

No problem and Happy New Year to you too! :) :)