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No luck at 0.2mm or 0.1mm layer height. Tolerances were just a tad too tight for my poor little Anet A8 to pull it off. I did however notice a little ghosting in the Y direction. I'll tighten up all my belts and give it another shot at maybe a slower print speed this time with a bit higher Z hop. So far It's proving to be a fun little challenge though.

For all you Anet A8 folks out there, I'm not running a stock setup:
New Marlin based board.
New extruder nozzle.
Recently replaced the heatbed (still stock, just a new one).
Recently lubed up everything and cleaned out the extruder gear.
Upgraded from the 3 piece H carriage to a single piece & Y carriage.
Added the Buildtak Flexplate system.

Even with all that no luck so far. I would love to see someone with a fine tuned stock A8 or other cheap Chinese i3 clone pull this print off though! That'd be pretty impressive.