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I'm confused by this. To be upfront, I couldn't care either way who won, or why. But I'm still confused/curious by this.

The rules, as I've went and read thanks to having read all these other comments and just seeing alot of bashing, seem to indicate something fishy with this entry...

The challenge was:
"We challenge you to create a design for a snowflake using BlocksCAD®, a free online software designed to teach coding and Computer Aided Design."

This, on the other hand, seems to be a 'snowflake generator'. You put in some variables or something, and it spits out a design. While yes this greatly demonstrates the ability of BlocksCAD, it does not seem to be quite accurate to the words of the challenge itself. Which, was to create a DESIGN, for A, snowflake.

Yes this allows you to show off BlocksCAD and lets you 'make your own' snowflake based on your blockcodes... but... that then means your entry does not have a design for a snowflake. It instead, generates a snowflake from outside input. Meaning that none of the snowflakes that you showed here, are actually 'your design', but instead you putting in numbers and such for the configurable variables, and letting it do what it wants...

'You' did not design the snowflake. The application did. You would have had NO idea what the outputted snowflake would look like until 'after' running the blockcode. . . meaning it is all pure luck as to what you get.. thus meaning this is infact, 'not' a design for a snowflake... thus outside the stated challenge rules...

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad you were able to show off what it can do, and that it caused a significant enough impact to get you to win. But 'rule' wise, I'd have to say that this does not fall in line with the challenge, and shouldn't have been awarded anything. As there were much better actual DESIGNS entered.

But congrats on winning :D enjoy whatever the prize was!