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  • Yes, I use seperate power supply (12V 5A) for enclosure (FAN, LEDs, electronics, sensors...), BUT the enclosure power is not too demanding, so maybe 12V from printer COULD be used - but only with verification about the consumption and printer power supply rating. I don't have extra switch for enclosure only though, everything is powered through one manual and one wi-fi switch.
  • Arduino is controller that is used both in Electronics V1 and V2 for controlling FAN, LEDs and other equipment.
    Check: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2862044
  • The only main heat source inside the enclosure is heatbed from printer. When printing PLA, I set it usually to 30 or 40°C and with use of enclosure FAN of 20-30% it keeps enclosure at 25-28°C which works beautifully with PLA. For ABS however I use heatbed temperatures of 80-100°C, and with FAN turned to only 5%, which makes temperature in enclosure of around 35°C, which again makes a really nice environment for perfect ABS printing.

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