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  1. No, operating at 30-35° on average is not that hot that would make any significant difference or justify putting it outside. You could also place air intake close to it and it will pull air through it, but I have not bad experience after 2000h+ of printing ABS inside enclosure. Sure, you can also use 24V as input without need of extra 12V PSU. Just check if power supply will handle additional fan+LED power and be sure to use 24V fan in case you go with 24V PSU.
  2. Fuse is always good to use :) You never know if some mechanical damage rub through wires and make a short or something.
  3. Enclosure is completely separated from printer, meaning the extra PCB is for easier assembly of enclosure electronics and features. It's still very hard to make all those connections as DIY board, because there is a lot of wires and everything, but you can try. Or you can contact me on private msg and maybe we can find some custom solution for you, like bare PCB or something else. :)

Good luck :)