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Brilliant item ! It's a great way to demonstrate how FDM can create objects that would otherwise be impossible via moulding. My kids are intrigued at how it's possible to print interlocked chain links !
The 3D model itself is very well produced, so huge thank to its designer. This was one of the first items I printed on my 'out the box' Anet A8 and it gave me a lot of confidence that I've set it up OK. My only 'issue' was that the bottom layer was all fused, but I think that's because Cura added a raft (not sure that's the correct term). I've now started using Simplify3D which is giving me even better results than before (and the support feature is great) so I will try this model again.

Quick question, presumably both sides of this item should print off with entirely separated chain links which are not fused by a base layer ?