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Hi, I have built a scara 3d printer somewhat similar to yours. I have attached a pdf drawing showing the top view of the printer
with critical dimensions. For a while I have been testing various marlin firmwares from various users -Invent2main, vitaminrad, etc etc
seems that everyone gives a different result. The biggest problem is when I home the arms thats ok, it is after when it tries to go to 0,0
position - it never does, it ends up somewhere else. Finally I have used your cartesian to scara converter for the code, I run that through my printer, seems to work, just that the printing is outside of my heating bed area. it would be ok if I didn't have a heat bed. but my build is such that the heat bed raises up and down and the arms stay on one level and just rotate. Is there any way I can get the printing to begin inside the boundaries of my heatbed ?? Thanks