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Hi, and thanks for the OpenSCAD remix of my strainer basket. This is something I had wanted to do, especially because I wanted people to be able to easily generate their own sizes through Customizer. But I just haven't ever taken the time to learn OpenSCAD well enough. I have already directed someone here who had asked for a custom size but did not give any dimensions. In case there are any Fusion360 fans out there, I did recently post my final F3D design files which are also fully parametric.

I just got finished using my basket again tonight, and it is still perfect after almost a year. Please post a photo if you do a print of this. I am curious how the split handles print. I originally had a split design on handles in the center of the basket's edges, and they were extremely difficult to print and weak on tall designs which is why I left them solid over the whole corner. You might want to consider changing back to this or making it a configuration parameter. Additionally, you may want to tune the thickness of the walls between hexagons so that they are exactly two extrusions thick which helps with print speed.