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I'm soooo determined to get this printed successfully, but I'm going to miss my deadline now. I'm sure she'll understand though :)

...3 failed prints, due to lack of supports for the petals... I've never had a problem with overhangs before, using the same PLA (given, only when prints aren't designed to use supports). It's just the underside of the petals (and the beginning of the heart), where the filament doesn't attach on one outer edge and drops until the nozzle hits the corner and wipes when it goes in the perpendicular direction... Once the overhang angle eases up, everything looks great again! IF the model was more "closed" during print, the angle would be less severe and this wouldn't happen. I've messed with layer height, temps, cooling, speed, etc and get the same results no matter what I try. This latest attempt looks like it will finally finish, but the petals look really bad on the exterior...

Regarding the breaking-in/rotating, I played around with the failed prints... It works great, but ONLY after I break the pieces completely off, within each of the slots (see image). If it works without these pieces, it makes me think they're really not necessary and could be designed without them