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First off, this is a fantastic model!

Took me 3 tries to get it right but thanks to the "TRIM TABS" version it came out beautifully.

The first iteration was printed with no brim at all and the petals broke free from the bed. The print completed and moved perfectly but looked messy. Second try was with a 1-layer Brim and only one petal broke free. Again, printed fine and worked right away, but that petal looked messy.

Third try I printed the Trim-Tabs model and it was pretty much flawless!

I've actually tried to print it again using a higher quality filament and the middle section started to rotate freely mid-print. I may try to add some small tabs from the base to connect to the middle section just to hold it. I'll clip them with cutters or a razor like the tabs on the bottom to free things up.

Again, thanks for this! I'll post a MAKE with a pretty cool timelapse tonight or tomorrow.