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Martin351 -

There is a list on the thing details tab - and he has all of the parts laid out in the beginning of the assembly video and as a picture above.
Parts List
4mm Bearing - Team Losi Mini T Bearings [1 or 2X]
2mm Bearing - Team Losi Micro T Bearings [6X]
M2.5x8 Machine Screws - [just get the 100 ct bag from amazon]
2.5 lb Barbell Plate 2X (or anything that weighs 5 lbs)

Like Adam says - this is not a beginner project - my biggest step toward a working model is getting better tolerance for the steel shafts. The ones available on Amazon have been too small and slip in the bearings. I found much better ones eBay;


Good luck - despite not having a working model yet - it has been a fun and engaging journey so far. Thanks to Adam for providing this.