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This is insane. I came here b/c of a reddit post. This is off the hook. What an amazing design. This is going to be my first major build, what a great looking model - major kudos. When I do make one (hopefully! just need the time) I will post my make on your page.

Quick question - no reason this wouldn't work with PLA right? I don't have any ABS

edit: LOL I just looked at your page and saw that YOU were the one who designed the Winnie the Pooh model I made my GF for her birthday. It came out great and she loves it! (i modded it a bit and took the honey pot out and put a panda/piglet in its place coz that's our thing)

edit 2: actually, it might have been a different model i used haha. but yours is better ;) can't wait to build some of your other stuff, your collection looks amazing. also just realized that your Kermit is the one I have saved and had been planning since before i got my Prusa to print for my mom to put in her birdbath. dude you are a machine