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Better fast assembly/disassembly (No change to the STL files!)

Use pieces of dowel instead of screws.

Assemble a screen frame on heavy card stock (I found card stock that is a friction fit). Bottom holes, glue dowels in and cut them off to just not hit the tabletop.

Top gets pieces of dowel that just drop in. I made little flags that decorate the screen system.

I found long, heavy toothpicks that are slightly loose that I am using for the dowels. Nice detail cut into the top of the toothpicks that is ideal for flagstaffs. I am gluing the short bits in the bottom holes using gorilla fast setting foaming glue. APPLY CAREFULLY you d not want excess to foam ut and glue the frame together.

The flags being pulled, the screen falls apart. But while the flags are installed it stays together.

Simplest solution you could ask for.

You can go ahead and use screws on one side of the small parts joiners and the dowel method on the other end of the same small jiner to prevent putting the flags that close together.

I'm going to be using a dice tower and a tower eliminator with one pen holder for a 3 section screen. Still printing the 3rd screen frame, then I have to work on the inset panels before I post the full make's pictures.

The single frame (completed so far) , dice tower and tower eliminator go together in seconds and come apart faster.