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Wow, awesome reply ... I love hearing about your experience as mine is a long and winding one.
Almost all the pieces in the files are non-manifold and need to be ‘ made manifold ‘ which is a pain but I learned Blender bc of these prints ... The knee cap parts were a pain and theres a much more accurate chest piece model under the ‘bust files’ that I cutt away from the rest of the set because he had it ALL attached... however manifolding it was only possible because I got a 20 year maya veteran helping me hehe ‘Print Very good’ hes on YT... And lastly I wont have strength problems, im printing this whole thing in PC Carbon Fiber hehe And that lower part is connected the the breast plate so it will be 1 print ... I hope I can get mine looking as good as yours does ... Anyway if your ever in Tokyo look me up, we can go ‘dynamic duo’ style ! ... Im also into li ion DIY so Im making The Dark Knight accessories as well ...