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With 740 reported makes and the knowledge that for every person who did the effort to post their make there are probably at least 10 who didn't, don't you think it is a bit implausible that this file has an error?
Your problem seems to be poor bed adhesion. The hinge links do tend to curl up a little at a certain point during the print, but this is not a problem if the pieces stick well to the bed. If they don't, then the slightest bump of the nozzle against the curling-up bits will push the piece loose and it becomes a mess.
If you have this kind of problem with this print already, you can expect more demanding prints to fail too. The curling-up of overhanging parts can be reduced by enabling the print cooling fan. Proper ways to fix the poor bed adhesion depend on the filament type and the bed surface. If you can print this torture test without problems, you won't have problems printing this Rex or other things.

Warp Test for Print Bed Adhesion