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Hey! If you need 2 electronics shipped over for 2 enclosures, I will give you extra discounted price for combined shipping of 2x electronics mainboard and files.

But if you are building 2, 3 or 10 enclosures, you can only pay 40eur and you will receive all the files and ONE mainboard. So in your case, if it is enough for you to have one electronics, 40EUR is okay and you can make multiple enclosures with the files I will send you, but if you need 2 electronics or more, please contact me on PM and I will give you best price I can according to your location with combined shipping. :)

1 unit like mine (1 printer room + 1 filament room + 1 electronics) costed me around 220EUR in total by buying locally almost everything except electronics, which were bought internationally. By buying things from cheaper sources you can go lower than that, but it's more effort and searching skills etc.