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Hey Kai, i know this is an old post - sorry for bringing it back from the dead... but i am looking at adding a 3d print head to my diy cnc machine running mach3. i have a 4 axis board for controlling the stepper - but i'm wanting to use a device (https://makerstorage.com/index.php?id_product=27&controller=product) which is best suited for wifi based communication for controlling temp and fans, and giving temp feedback. I've seen modbus looks to be the industry standard but no idea on where to go from there (at least inside mach3, including the commands etc) and was wondering if you had any advice, steps or resources about what i should be doing? i will need to write the firmware for the device myself anyway (the github for it indicates it wouldn't work without doing something) - but just not sure on what i can get from mach3 - or what i can write within it to get the functionality i'd need. I'm a programmer so not scared of needing to DIY the com stuff, just not sure where to start.

Thanks for at least looking at the comment even if you are unable to help.