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I purchased this model in February and once I put a real micro SD card in it not the one they ship with it has been very good. I have the glass bed and it is so much better than anything I have had before. The only thing is I have some issues with is the way the filament angles into the Titan Extruder Hotend Driver Feeder. If you have brittle filament and your print has many oscillations like the PI cup example then it can break off. This can be easily retrofitted with a self made mini spool or anything really to just have the angle better. Also I do have a little more clogging than I have had with other printers. That being said. I wanted another printer and after looking at my options and what was in that price point, I went ahead and got another one. I do think some other models print more reliable and perhaps better quality but it is not a very significant difference and the price point to build area is really good.

It is very quiet. The build quality is very good.