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With brim

In Cura slicer, lay flat, rotate around the Z axis to fit on the bed. (it likes to rotate things so they don't fit) then move down 0.02 to "squish" the first layer.

If your bed will stick to your PLA for any other print, it will stay in place.

I do this for anything that is having issues sticking to the bed.

Even with "Z hop on retraction", it tends to knock the tabs off the adapters for the dice tower and tower eliminator.
Print the small parts. You can shave off the failed tabs and glue new ones on.

I have 25% of my screen's connection tabs glued on. Its not worth trying to reprint the whole piece due to knocking the tab off, since it has a good chance of knocking it off again.

I used Gorilla white foaming polyurethane glue (quick dry version of the foaming polyurethane) with the pieces held in place using common tape (any tape you want) as the glue cured. Gently shave off any excess glue that foams out ONLY AFTER FULLY CURED.