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TLDR; I will be using a Meanwell RSP-500-24 available for around £80 in the UK including (free) delivery.

Long version:
I was chatting to my pal tonight who's a proper electronics engineer, clever guy with a PhD in lasers and optics. I asked what his view on cheap Chinese PSU was. He simply said "How much money are you going to save versus how much you'd loose if your house burned down." Brutal truth right there!

So I've been pouring over the various Meanwell models and reading the spec PDFs. I have come to the conclusion that the Meanwell RSP-500-24 is the model for me. It has auto-on off of cooling fan, 89% efficiency, all the safety features and compliance certifications, and nifty remote on/off capability for possible future (note this works differently than ATX, as it requires an external voltage to be applied to be turned OFF)

Full specs here: https://www.meanwell.co.uk/media/productPDF/RSP-500-spec_3.pdf