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Hi Ben !

First of all, thanks for your great work ! It's just awesome. You can be proud of this build.

I'm building your fantastic printer. Well, I'm currently waiting for the parts from Aliexpress.

I want to contribute to this project too.

I'm currently working on a simple Google Spreadsheet so that people will be able to make their own Bill Of Materials and track their orders. The way it's made makes it easy to see what you need to order, what you already ordered, when it arrives (if you enter shipping date), etc...

When I have everything I will also try to document my building process for others to see.

In the mean time, I noticed a few typos in your thing description :

  • You wrote "Soon i will add a PDF that will contain the exact measurements that you need for the boards." You already did it so you can remove this sentence.

  • M3 25mm Philips Round Head is two times in your BOM

There is also two things I was wondering :

How I should modify the panels for the 475mm pannel.
From what I see I need to change the 540mm distance to 640mm for the right and left pannels, the 440 distance to 540mmm to the back pannel. Bottom pannel remain unchanged. But I have no idea what needs to be changed with the front pannel... Mostly because there is no picture of the printer with a front pannel.

Where does the big air scrubber go ? Same places as the small ones ?