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Hello guys and girls I really need some help letting PETG prints stick to the bed.
I have been trying to print with PETG for some time now and small prints turn out oke but the problem is when I try to print bigger objects they start curling of the print bed.
I tried turning my part cooling fan all the way down to 30% or even 15% and the heat bed I tried 70, 80 and now even 90C but that doesn't change a thing about it.

My bed is perfectly levelled using a mesh in the firmware so that's not it.
The filament is dry.
Environment temperature is above 20C and there is no draft or cold air blowing.

I would really appreciate your input on this.
I've read other posts with warping issues but there was no solution for me in that.
Ohw and I also tried printing with a raft but that doesn't work out either.
My first layer is printed 140% line width for better adhesion...