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I have the original Mega since almost two years with the tmc. All drivers set to 0.9V according to a calculation I did based on somebody else work.. and since then no fancy noises at all. I do not get why you should raise the ref value for the extruder motor. Can somebody explain?
I also have a noctua for the extruder, what a pleasant upgrade. In the PSU I have a more silent one than the original, but not a Noctua, since the flow was almost the half of the original and I did not want to risk overheating the PSU. The part fan is the original, works like a charm. Just set them to 70% and not 100% if you use this:


It may require you to adjust it a bit with a hot gun or hairdryer but it works great!

I am printing quite a LOT and did not have a single problem yet. Happy printing!

Anycubic i3 Mega fan duct 2-sided
by H_Run