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Hey, as all of your orcs do, this one looks great!

One concern that I have with the the green tide Kickstarter, and why it havnt backed it yet, is that the Kickstarter is all little parts. I mean, too be honest, this isn't the best sample you could give, as it it doesn't really reflect how it would look if you assembled it yourself. There is a lot of problems that come with assembling especially smaller miniatures. Some stem from the design, eg how are the 'nutches' where the parts go together, some stem from your printer eg what tolerance you can print at. Some stem from how you slice it, eg where you set possibly necessarily supports and some just are unavoidable like eg having ugly seams and parts being glued together not being as stable.

As an example I've avoided the longest time printing your dragonborn from the the lost dragons Kickstarter because 1) the joints are too round and instead of 'snapping' in the right position, I had to fiddle with the position myself, never being satisfied and because the one I did print lost its weapon hand within one week of being transported around.

It guess my point is a) would it be possible to offer a non-preassembled model as a sample or b) will the green tide come with some preassembled models as well?