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Hi xap4o,
I can't give you a 100% answer that you spend money on.
I printed the disassembled version (V7) with two diffetent ABS versions and DarkGold PLA.
So it should work.
I've had very hard time to replicate the Print-in-Place V4 design using any of my Filaments, so I've split them up somewhen to improve success-rate. I'm not sure why the very-initial version was a 1print=1success at the paid print-shack.

Will it turn smooth?
This depends on the general material surface. If you try to scratch your finger nail in it and it feels slippery, the gears for sure will turn easier.
Just take two prints of that filament (and others), rub them together and take the filaments with less friction.
The DarkGold filament looks good, but has high friction before it slides. You might counter that by e.g. silicone oil.